ACQI Co-Director wraps up Fulbright visit to University of Wisconsin, Madison USA

Prof Martin Ebert (right), ACQI Co-Director, on the Lake Mendota foreshore at the University of Wisconsin (UW), Madison USA, with his host, group leader Prof Robert Jeraj (left) and graduate students from the UW and University of Ljubljana tumour tracking groups.

ACQI Co-Director, Prof Martin Ebert, has just completed a three month Fulbright Future Scholar fellowship at the University of Wisconsin (Madison). Prof Ebert worked with the tumour tracking group led by Prof Robert Jeraj, which researchers the use of medical imaging for following the response of advanced cancers to therapy, aiding treatment decision making and helping to understand how and why cancers spread. Prof Ebert used the opportunity to help solidify the collaborative work being undertaken between ACQI and UW, as well as Prof Jeraj’s other research group based at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Prof Ebert was able to interact extensively with graduate students from both locations, expanding the collaborations between ACQI and these groups in pursuit of increased research into the use of imaging analytics for helping to cure cancer.

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