State of the art in advanced prostate cancer

ACQI-affiliated PhD candidate Jake Kendrick has published a review of studies that have examined methods for predicting the outcomes of treatment for metastatic prostate cancer using imaging. This rapidly-evolving field is offering to facilitate patient-specific prognosis, the ability to intervene earlier as disease progresses and the opportunity to make patient care more cost effective.

ACQI Partnership with AIQ Solutions

ACQI, via the University of Western Australia, and AIQ Solutions, have formally agreed to work on collaborative research to investigate the applications of the software solutions developed by AIQ. AIQ are a startup out of Madison Wisconsin, developing methods for tracking the response of cancers and other diseases with quantitative imaging.

Brain cancer advocate’s passionate mission

Anita Parise has been on a mission to bring attention to the fact that the prognosis for patients with glioblastoma (GBM) has not improved in over 30 years. A common adult brain cancer, GBM is the topic of work being done by ACQI, including through collaboration on the national “FIG” trial of using FET PETContinue reading “Brain cancer advocate’s passionate mission”

ACQI Symposium and Workshop 2021

The 2nd ACQI Symposium took place on November 15 2021 at the Harry Perkins Institute for Medical Research and online. This successful event brought together 95 attendees spanning clinicians, research scientists, advocacy groups and industry. In 2021, the symposium was complemented by a workshop on employing imaging analytics as part of clinical trials, with 45Continue reading “ACQI Symposium and Workshop 2021”