ACQI Symposium and Workshop 2021

The 2nd ACQI Symposium took place on November 15 2021 at the Harry Perkins Institute for Medical Research and online. This successful event brought together 95 attendees spanning clinicians, research scientists, advocacy groups and industry. In 2021, the symposium was complemented by a workshop on employing imaging analytics as part of clinical trials, with 45 attendees.

The symposium showcased some of the excellent work being undertaken in imaging analytics in Western Australia, and touched on the associated opportunities for innovation and commercialisation. The meeting was opened by the Western Australian Chief Scientist, Professor Peter Klinken, an enthusiastic advocate for ACQI and the field.

WA Chief Scientist, Professor Peter Klinken, opening the symposium.

Patient advocate, Anita Parise, set the scene for the event, describing the journey she and her family has had since her husband Anthony was diagnosed with glioblastoma during 2021. Anita and her supporters raised and donated $16,000 for the work of the UWA Medical Physics Group and ACQI, through activities including shaving her hair and selling beanies through their fundraiser entitled “FUBC!”, which she insists stands for “Fully Understanding Brain Cancer”.

Advocate Anita Parise (second from left), with ACQI Co-Directors Dr Martin Ebert and Dr Ros Francis, and Anthony Parise.

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